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Cleverly helps brands widen Linkedin reach. Cleverly is a great tool for thriving businesses and start-ups to expand their networking and increase growth without spending too much.


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Cleverly can help businesses in making their profiles attract potential partners. This platform offers huge help to businesses, with the help of lead generation. Lead generation allows small-scale and medium-scale businesses to connect to thousands of potential business partners. With the use of LinkedIn, Cleverly can do the work for you to increase your business engagement and sales.

Cleverly was the leading LinkedIn Lead Generation Company and Service of 2020 by BloggerLocal.

Cleverly is like an extended arena of LinkedIn. It is designed to expand your opportunities and it can help you achieve it through their 4-step LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

According to Digital Marketing Solutions, web referrals increased up to 93%. The number speaks so much on how vital lead generation to businesses, most especially to startups. These leads can be potential customers and can help increase sales. Cleverly can help you get started smoothly and strategically.

Price varies depending on the selected monthly plan. $297 for the silver plan, $397 for the gold plan, and $497 for the platinum plan.

Why is this great for startups and entrepreneurs?

Having an expanded and scaled up LinkedIn reach can allow startups and entrepreneurs to achieve their fullest potential and tap into a network of companies and potential clients. It is a platform that connects startups and entrepreneurs’ profile of possibilities into realized opportunities. LinkedIn outreach is a must-have component of any startup’s marketing strategy. 

What do customers have to say?

“Great work on the last 2 months of campaigns! We have definitely seen an uptick in leads and closed clients. We should be closing another deal tomorrow!”
– Johnny, Founder of Technology Startup

“Since launching yesterday I have 20 leads to follow up on already…”
– Matthew, CEO of Oil & Gas Company


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“Newchip’s support was a great confidence booster for preparing for investor meetings. Newchip has also helped us fill our calendar with investor meetings!”

- Sloan F.