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Online Accelerator Program

Founded: 2016

The Online Accelerator Program by M Accelerator, a hybrid accelerator/ incubator, helps to advance startups from across the globe to the next level in a virtual setting.


Program Type
Startup AcceleratorStartup Incubator
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AdviceAppsDeepTechFinancial ServicesInformation TechnologyInternetNo Specific VerticalOnlineProduct DesignRemoteSaaSSoftwareVirtual
8 weeks

The Online Accelerator Program by M Accelerator focuses on progressing startups to the next level in a virtual setting. The Online Accelerator Program is a hybrid accelerator and incubator meant to design effective strategies, create traction and go-to-market plans for early-stage companies.

Over the span of 8 weeks, startups will validate their businesses, generate meaningful traction, and pitch to investors. The program’s regiment attacks the startup process from all angles, emphasizing the development of essential entrepreneurial characteristics such as marketing, sales, pitching and growth-hacking. 

M Accelerator provides all the necessary tools for identifying, analyzing, and testing the market. Through interactive exercises and 60 total hours of live sessions with seasoned coaches, startup attendees will clarify a business strategy, messaging, go-to-market plans and investor pitches in order to become an effective company. The Online Accelerator Program additionally offers one-to-one virtual meetings with coaches, office hours, and a slew of additional online resources. 

M Accelerator is searching for startups in the ideation phase or with a launched product and preparing to scale. Due to its remote nature, this specific program has hosted participants from over 20 different countries and cultures. All founders share common ground in that they’re creative, open-minded and generous, ready to hustle to improve themselves and their business.


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Los AngelesVirtual
United States

Funding & Benefits

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Early Stage VCPre-Seed
Program Fee
Tuition Based
Other Benefits
$1MM in IBM Cloud Services, AWS, Segment, Stripe, Twilio and more


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“Newchip’s support was a great confidence booster for preparing for investor meetings. Newchip has also helped us fill our calendar with investor meetings!”

- Sloan F.