Founded: 2017

RealCo is a long-term virtual accelerator based in Texas, focused on individual startup needs, that invests in, incubates, and accelerates B2B Tech Startups.


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24 months

The RealCo Accelerator is not your average accelerator program. RealCo is a long-term virtual accelerator based in Texas that invests in, incubates, and accelerates B2B Tech Startups. This program focuses on building Real companies out of fledgling concepts and startups. This program takes a direct, transparent approach to the acceleration process – one that does not waste three month’s worth of time teaching a cohort how to simply pitch investors. 

Every startup is at different stages of the journey and has their own set of unique needs and challenges. RealCo understands this better than any program and thus avoids the one-size-fits all solution. Living up to its bespoke promise, the accelerator onboards only 2 companies a quarter in order allowing them the proper bandwidth to intimately understand the needs and how to grow their business. Each startup has access to “superpower” mentors and investors who fund startups at all stages of the life cycle. The program is all virtual, unless of course the invite to enjoy some Texas BBQ with the RealCo team is accepted. 

The program makes a staggering guarantee – your startup will reach $500K in annual recurring revenue by the end of the 24 month program or they relinquish their 6% equity stake. The accelerator provides the framework for building a successful business through 4 program sections: Fundamentals, Sales & Marketing, Operations, and Fundraising. As it pertains to the final section, RealCo commits $100,000 to the early growth of their startups. Whether the startup is fundraising is already underway upon entry to RealCo or new round opens during the program, RealCo works with their startups on successfully closing out the round!

The profile focus is on Moonshots and B2B SaaS – the former being incredibly ambitious ideas that can potentially change the market/ industry, the latter being those companies with initial traction, some revenue or clear proof points. RealCo values relationships with all aspiring founders and entrepreneurs and encourages anyone interested in the program to apply and get in touch.


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United States

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$100K for 6%


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