TinySeed Accelerator

Founded: 2018

TinySeed is a 12 month, remote accelerator program that helps to grow bootstrapped SaaS companies with the potential to become 7 to 8 figure businesses.


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Startup AcceleratorVenture Capital Investor
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12 months

TinySeed is a remote accelerator focused on growing bootstrapped SaaS companies that have the potential to become 7 or 8 figure businesses. The program represents a close-knit community for startups that offers advice, support, a vast founders network, and gifted mentors. 

Compared to traditional programs that run for a short 3 months with relocation as a requirement, TinySeed is a completely virtual accelerator that lasts for one year and funds between 15 – 20 SaaS per batch. These companies traverse the program curriculum together as a cohort with dedicated mentors as guides. TinySeed’s mentorship offers over 27 of the world’s best founders and subject-matter experts who stand ready to help navigate topics such as copywriting, SEO, top of funnel marketing, CRO and much more.

Startups have access to bi-weekly remote office hours with varying mentors, based upon the most urgent matters for the venture. Introductions and one-on-one meetings are scheduled with the most relevant mentors based on the specific problem needing to be addressed. Special events and retreats continue to foster necessary introductions and present the opportunities to connect further with mentors.

TinySeed invests $120K for the first founder + $60K per additional founder for the standard terms of 10-12% equity. As an accelerator and venture fund, TinySeed does not necessarily target the next unicorn company, but the longer tail of startups. These are startups that have great potential, but might not be the next Facebook or Uber. As a result, the traditional VC model does not work for TinySeed. So the established structure paves the way for investors to realize venture type returns without fixating on the primary goal of finding a unicorn.

Additionally, the startups don’t need to “sell” for the TinySeed system to work. The model is oriented toward a dividend payment structure so the founders can retain ownership for the long-term and grow at a more natural pace.


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United States

Funding & Benefits

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Early Stage VCLate Stage VCPre-Seed
$120K for 10-12%
Other Benefits
AWS, baremetrics, customer.io, Hubspot, and many more
Offer Details
$120K for the first founder + $60k per additional founder for 10-12% equity


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