Ucreate Spark

Founded: 2015

Spark partners with ambitious, non-tech founders and equip them with the team, tools, expertise, and scale to build successful technology companies. Weekly coaching sessions guide you through a 6-week repeatable sprint process.


Program Type
Startup Incubator
Accelerators & Incubators
AppsInternetOnlineProduct DesignRemoteSoftwareVirtual
6 weeks

Spark equips you with the tools, skillset and mindset to ideate, validate and monetize your online business idea.

Weekly online workshops with a Product Manager
An essential process for idea-stage founders looking to prove their concept ahead of building a prototype and raising a pre-seed round.

One-to-one coaching sessions every week, guiding you through a 6-week repeatable sprint process designed to validate your idea, test its validity in the market and prepare to build your Prototype.

Over £30,000 in perks available
Get access to perks from companies who would like to see you succeed – everything from analytics to CMS. Spark offers cohort companies enough credits to run most tech stacks for a couple of years.

What you’ll learn…
Test your ideas with a series of tactical projects and practical experiments.

Discovery & Definition
Translate your idea into a customer-oriented problem, ready for a customer-oriented solution.

Customer acquisition
Craft your message, define your audience, and identify your optimum channels for growth.

Value Proposition
Create a bespoke and valuable proposition that your customers, team, and investors can buy into.

Product Strategy
Outline your strategic vision and target a subset of your audience using our guided framework.


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Funding & Benefits

CategoriesType of Funding
Early Stage VCPre-SeedSeed
Program Fee
£1,995-2,995 per seat


Application Status
Start Date
Total funding raised by startups
£30 million +
Crunchbase Rank

“Newchip’s support was a great confidence booster for preparing for investor meetings. Newchip has also helped us fill our calendar with investor meetings!”

- Sloan F.