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Founded: 2008

The Virtual Foundations Program by 3 Day Startup offers entrepreneurs a 3 day accelerator that is completed from the comfort of your home.


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3 days

The Virtual Foundations Program by 3 Day Startup allows entrepreneurs to enjoy an accelerator program from the comfort of their homes. The program is now offered to individuals looking to launch their idea and grow their nascent businesses. This program offers a structure that activates the potential of early stage to newfound entrepreneurs and helps them go from early-stage idea to viable venture in just three days’ time.

Entrepreneurs can join the Virtual Foundations program to immerse themselves in a condensed, efficient accelerator experience. Along with a cohort of other early stage founders, startups will participate in collaboration and the flow of information, business ideas, prototyping, networking with mentors and industry professionals. 

The team overseeing the Virtual Foundations Program at 3 Day Startup has been doing this for a long time. They are experienced and driven by a mission to help entrepreneurs grow their business. The program guides aspiring entrepreneurs through many real-life applicable stages of launching a business including ideation, pitching, customer discovery, prototyping, etc. 

The curriculum has been shaped across the span of 12 years, for over 500 programs, in over 200 universities, companies, and government embassies. The impressive network that supports The Virtual Foundations Program, consisting of student entrepreneurs and mentors, has surpassed 16,000 worldwide. $217MM in capital has been collectively raised by 3 Day Startups various alumni.


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