Startup Revival is a community for entrepreneurs, startup founders, and folks who are interested in starting a business. Through Startup Revival you have access to everything you need to take your business from idea to growth. Browse accelerators & incubators, funding platforms & investors, and deals & discounts on today's top tech products and SaaS to power the growth of your business.

Startup Revival is more than just a website. Our mission is to bring access to all the essential tools, resources, and funding that every startup needs to grow. If you have an idea, Startup Revival is like an idea accelerator. Come and find an accelerator or an incubator to partner with, get access to discounts on software and tools you'll need to launch your startup, and find investors who will buy into your vision and help you make it a reality.

Matthew Bell

Founder, Startup Revival

Matthew Bell, a veteran entrepreneur, startup founder, and marketer with over 13 years of digital tech experience. As an entrepreneur and startup founder, he realized early on that when launching a startup the most important things that entrepreneurs need access to are: 1) investors & funding opportunities, 2) tech resources & software, and 3) mentors & advisors to help along the way.

Matthew founded Startup Revival with one simple goal: to give entrepreneurs and startup founders easy access to the most essential things they need to launch and grow their businesses. Through Startup Revival he is making everything that entrepreneurs need to be successful accessible through one platform.

Sam Bell

Head of Operations

Sam Bell left the New York finance world to relocate to Austin, TX to join the Startup Revival team. Sam is an artist, creative, technologist, and entrepreneur. He is passionate about startups, new products that innovate and make life easier, as well as intensely passionate about investing and FinTech.