Newchip: changing the world $100 at a time

If you have read any of the articles I’ve written for GOD TV, you know that I absolutely love startups, new technology and entrepreneurship. I believe that Christians possess a unique advantage over all other entrepreneurs and startup founders, and that is the power of God. Obstacles, challenges, and problems, that all entrepreneurs face can be… Read more »

Five ways to validate your startup idea

A friend once said to me, “dude, I have an idea for a billion dollar website.” I’ve heard this type of thing many times before, but I entertained him, “oh yeah? What is it?” I asked. His enthusiasm growing, “it’s a professional social network for small business owners.” Puzzled, I responded, “that sounds a little… Read more »

Creating the Future

We, as Christians, possess the creative nature of God through the indwelling of Holy Spirit. This means we have access to the creativity of heaven! We are living in the most technologically advanced period in human history. Starting a company is more possible now than ever. Despite this, the vast majority of successful startups and tech… Read more »

Five Ways to Optimize Long Tail Affiliates

If you’ve ever managed an affiliate program before, then you’re probably no stranger to the 80/20 rule, that 80% of your affiliate program’s revenue comes from 20% of your affiliates. It’s true. A typical affiliate program relies on a small group of high-performing affiliates to drive most of the volume, but what if it was… Read more »

How to start a startup: 3 big steps

If you haven’t read Peter Thiel’s book, Zero to One, you should stop what you are doing and go do that right now. (disclosure: I am not being paid to recommend this book) Peter Thiel is regarded as one of the world’s foremost thought leaders on startups, technology and innovation. An in-your-face contrarian, he introduces concepts… Read more »