Cognism helps startups and businesses find potential partners. Cognism is a great platform for startup growth and leads brands from simple prospecting to a meaningful partnership.


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Cognism helps businesses and startups in growing and expanding. This particular platform can help increase meetings, maximize engagements, and deliver results. Cognism does the work for small and medium scale businesses, as well as startups, by increasing their campaign reach. Cognism utilizes data from business enterprises for smooth prospecting. They also suggest ways on how to create better data for even smoother marketing. Better data allows prospect businesses to engage with other businesses.

Listed as a Top Startup of 2020 by LinkedIn, Cognism is more of a maximized version of LinkedIn with greater percentages of results and booking targets from target businesses.

Prospecting contributes to the business’ pipeline development. With a greater pipeline development, this attracts more customers and potential partners. Prospecting provides startups and businesses an extended platform of transparency for businesses to see. This product can elevate it to the next level.

Why is this great for startups and entrepreneurs?

Prospecting is an essential part of digital marketing and lead generation. Through this, startups and small scale entrepreneurs can expand their visibility towards potential targets or businesses. Startups and entrepreneurs can generate revenues without missing any opportunity. Cognism aims for an increased campaign reach, which allows startups and entrepreneurs to expand their horizons in the business scene.

What do customers have to say?

“I would recommend Cognism to anyone looking to develop laser-sharp targeting and engage with their ideal leads.”
 Marketing and Communications Manager, Cranfield School of Management

“Using Cognism has helped us reach out to the right audience and grow our brand recognition globally due to the targeted outreach that we were struggling to get.”
– Marketing & Events Manager, Launch Academy

newchip accelerator

“Newchip’s support was a great confidence booster for preparing for investor meetings. Newchip has also helped us fill our calendar with investor meetings!”

- Sloan F.