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Founded: 1998

The EvoNexus Virtual Incubator fosters innovation by way of experienced mentorship, valuable support, and other tools for guiding startups towards future success.


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The EvoNexus Virtual Incubator accelerates innovation by providing long-term residency experience, resources, support and several other tools to guide startups towards future, sustainable success. EvoNexus sets the goal of empowering driven entrepreneurs and founders to transform their unique tech ideas into viable, scalable companies. Accepting only startups from the US or Canada (except for those championed by an EvoNexus Strategic Sponsor), this incubator program does not require physical presence and is conducted in a virtual setting by way of video conferencing. 

Startups enjoy professional mentorship, access to potential investors, and a supportive work environment meant to foster collaboration and growth. A diverse group of executives with leadership positions ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to start-ups with successful exits make up the vast mentor community. EvoNexus helps refine and improve investor pitches through educational workshops, pitch practices, and pitch scrubs. At the end of the program, startups have the chance to pitch to an audience consisting of members of the tech and investor community.

EvoNexus is a non-profit organization operating several incubators for technology startups. Across all incubation programs, 85% of startups have secured venture funding from over 260 VC funds. 77% have secured funding while enrolled in the actual incubation programs. 

The EvoNexus Virtual Incubator is actively searching for startups in the DeepTech, FinTech, or MedTech verticals that are still raising seed or Series A funding. While the program does not make any direct investments into any startups undergoing their incubator, the program works to equip participants with the tools and introductions necessary to aid in fundraising. For example, EvoNexus has a vast network of VCs and Angel Investors who are always eager to make additions to their portfolios.


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Funding & Benefits

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1% Equity
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1% Equity
Other Benefits
$100K in AWS credits, 90% off HubSpot, 85% Off Mattermark and much more
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1% Equity stake for all benefits and resources available in the program


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newchip accelerator

“Newchip’s support was a great confidence booster for preparing for investor meetings. Newchip has also helped us fill our calendar with investor meetings!”

- Sloan F.