Moosend is a leading all-in-one marketing platform that allows users to create landing pages, lead forms, marketing automation, and elegant emails all from one easy-to-use platform.


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Moosend is a simple and easy-to-use marketing platform that caters to simplicity. While many marketing platforms require a high degree of technical know-how, Moosend is the opposite, making for a simple and efficient marketing platform for startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Moosend features a super simple drag & drop email editor, A/B testing functionality, robust analytics & reporting, and excellent audience segmentation and targeting capabilities.

While Moosend bills itself as an all-in-one marketing platform, which it most certainly is, its strengths lie in its powerful email marketing functionality. Every brand, big and small, should be utilizing email marketing as a core component to their marketing strategies in 2021 – plain and simple.

The platform is scalable for businesses of all sizes and offers equally good service and capabilities for any business. You can use it to create campaigns, automate emails, personalized tag lines, create lead gen forms, build funnels, and also uplevel your landing pages.

The platform offers robust analytics and a long list of valuable capabilities that include: auto-responders, GDPR & CAN SPAM compliance, user surveys,Drip Campaigns, Dynamic Content, event triggered emails, image hosting library, landing pages & web forms, audience management, mobile optimized email designs, elegant email templates, and a super simple WYSIWYG email template editor, among many other things.

The platform is known for its state of the art features and award-winning UI. The UI alone makes it one of the most user friendly marketing products we’ve ever tested. And, though the app doesn’t have a native SMS messaging capabilities, you can customize it for SMS messaging.

Moosend also offers multiple price plans to suit your company’s size and needs. There’s a free plan for companies with less than 1,000 subscribers, a premium plan for up to 2000 subscribers, and an enterprise plan for larger organizations. This plan also comes with additional benefits like custom reporting, account management, and service-level agreement.

Why is this great for startups and entrepreneurs?

Marketing is the backbone of every new startup that needs to get more appearance and audience. Moosend has the best option for this part. It provides you with customizable templates, responsive email marketing tools, and advanced analytical tools.
The platform can also help to jump-start the marketing campaign by providing free plans. Then there is the spam and delivery test tool to verify your emails. And, it will automate everything to keep things simple, fluent, and stress-free.

What do customers have to say?

“When it comes to brands, usually you don’t have a second chance if you miss a deadline or undelivered message to their audiences. Thanks to Moosend our clients are always happy. User – friendly dashboard, amazing support, great tools & automations help our business grow, and our clients delivered outstanding results.”
George Levitikos, Chief Integration Officer at Mullenlowe Group

“After going through Mailchimp, and other platforms, we decided to stay with Moosend because there is no other tool matching the feature set & price point offered. From seamless onsite event tracking to journey building to amazing customer support. Furthermore, we can easily migrate any bulk size of data into and out of the system thanks to the very high threshold API rate limits. Lastly, adding as many custom fields further eases our process of managing adhoc campaigns.”
Dipak R., Digital Project Manager, Vogue

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