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Quake Capital

Founded: 2017

Quake Capital invests in early-stage companies and takes a founder-friendly approach. Quake Capital offers a virtual program and has locations in Austin, LA, and NYC.


Program Type
Startup AcceleratorVenture Capital Investor
Accelerators & Incubators
AdviceCommunitiesFinanceInformation TechnologyInternetOnline
3 Months

Quake Capital is a startup accelerator and venture capital investment fund. They take an impressive hands-on approach, where they focus on team training, product advisory, and management & leadership development. Their hands-on approach accelerates the early-stage company lifecycle and is often able to help startups achieve 12 months of growth over the course of their three month accelerator program. They primarily focus on helping startups to generate traction, develop their team, and crystallize their market opportunity. 

Since founding in 2017, the founding team at Quake Capital have worked with over 350 early-stage startup founders and helped them to implement process, procedure, and strategies that have greatly and consistently improved the survival rate of early-stage startups.

Quake Capital is looking for solid teams with raw talent, and untapped potential, where they can contribute to helping the founders with planning, process implementation, sales strategy, product & tech development, fundraising, and customer acquisition strategy. 

Alongside their investment partners, Quake typically invests $100,000 – $150,000 in each startup that is accepted and completes the accelerator program. The accelerator program gives Quake Capital the time to work with the team, continue their due diligence for their fund and investment community, who will typically participate in follow-on investment rounds for their portfolio. 

Quake Capital has accelerator programs in Austin, Los Angeles, and New York City. They recruit startups from all around the world, and are launching a new location in Cologne, Germany which is headed up by top European partners that include Deutsche Telekom and RTL.


City / State
AustinLos AngelesNew York City
GermanyUnited States

Funding & Benefits

CategoriesType of Funding
Early Stage VCSeed
$150K for 5-10%
Other Benefits
$100K in AWS credits, perks worth over $1M, office space for 3 months, access Quake resources for life


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"Newchip's support was a great confidence booster for preparing for investor meetings. Newchip has also helped us fill our calendar with investor meetings!"

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