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Supernatural Tools to Propel You Forward

Article By Ana Werner, author of The Seer’s Path published by Destiny Image. You’ve gotta love the suddenlies of God! Suddenly, I was taken up into a vision in which the Lord showed me a propelling motion that is happening all over the earth. In the vision I was walking up a hill, and surrounding the hill… Read more »

9 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

overcome procrastination

We all procrastinate from time to time. Procrastination occurs when we avoid tasks that we find unpleasant. Even if we perform other work-related tasks instead of the ones we dislike, we are guilty of procrastination. Unfortunately, procrastination will hinder our long-term success. With the proper skills, you can overcome procrastination. Procrastination is like putting a frog into a pot of… Read more »

Never give up. Failure is crucial to success

Here’s Why Failure Is Crucial to Success: Failure is a funny thing, but what’s funnier is discovering one’s skewed definition of failure. Failure is the opposite and the same thing as success. Failure is a part of life. Moment by moment failure encapsulates the life. Anyone at any given point can be a winner or… Read more »

We are created to create

In 2007 I was working at a big bank in New York City when something occurred to me. I hated it. It wasn’t an instantaneous revelation. It creeped up on me over a period of time as I commuted in and out of the city going to work at a job that I simply did… Read more »