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Recession is Actually a Great Time to Start a New Business

Recession is a great time to start a business | Startup Revival

As I am writing this we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic of early 2020. If you are feeling the pains of quarantine and social distancing, you are not alone. These are unprecedented times. The world has been flipped upside down. The economy has been brought to a screeching halt. Many businesses, big… Read more »

Identity: Know Who You Are In Christ


Identity is the key to unlocking your full potential. It is impossible to know what God has called you to do, in business or life in general, without first knowing who you are and who God has created you to be. You are not what you do, how you look, where you come from, where… Read more »

God Values Our Careers: Ministry & The Marketplace

I?ve been inspired and challenged by the positive role models I?ve studied in the Bible. Jesus is clearly our most inspiring and challenging exemplar, but many others also stand before us. I?ll nominate the Apostle Paul for inclusion in this group. He was a giant among the Early Church leaders, a brilliant theologian, church-planter and?… Read more »

No Excuses, It?s Time To Execute

No excuses! It?s time to execute. Many of us, have faced headwinds and obstacles, in our faith walk, as we pursued our God Given purpose. There may have been times when we?ve faced headwinds so strong that the attack tried to cripple your faith. The enemy?s purpose is to deter you from walking in and… Read more »

An Open Letter to Christian Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Are you passionate about something? Do you see an intersection of your passions and giftings? Do you look for opportunities to use your passion and gifts to love and serve others? If yes, this message is for you. Have you ever thought that God could be calling you to be an entrepreneur? Do you realize… Read more »

Supernatural Tools to Propel You Forward

Article By Ana Werner, author of?The Seer?s Path?published by Destiny Image. You?ve gotta love the suddenlies of God! Suddenly, I was taken up into a vision in which the Lord showed me a propelling motion that is happening all over the earth. In the vision I was walking up a hill, and surrounding the hill… Read more »

9 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

overcome procrastination

We all procrastinate from time to?time. Procrastination occurs when we avoid tasks that we find unpleasant. Even?if we perform other work-related tasks instead of the?ones we dislike, we are?guilty of procrastination. Unfortunately, procrastination will hinder our?long-term success. With the proper skills, you can overcome procrastination. Procrastination is like putting a frog into a pot of… Read more »

Never give up. Failure is crucial to success

Here?s Why Failure Is Crucial to Success: Failure is a funny thing, but what?s funnier is discovering one?s skewed definition of failure. Failure is the opposite and the same thing as success. Failure is a part of life. Moment by moment failure encapsulates the life. Anyone at any given point can be a winner or… Read more »

We are created to create

In 2007 I was working at a big bank in New York City when something occurred to me. I hated it. It wasn’t an instantaneous revelation. It creeped up on me over a period of time as I commuted in and out of the city going to work at a job that I simply did… Read more »