7 Keys to Getting Through Life’s Storms

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As we all know, when life is going well for us it is as if the world itself has turned into the most beautiful place to be. The sun shines brightly but not too warm, birds softly sing, and we walk with a joyful bounce in our step. We are filled with so much peace that it cannot help but ooze out of us and flood over into the way we view our lives.

However, when things go wrong and storms eventually come: It seems like we just cannot catch a break, our perspectives of our lives usually do a complete 180-degree turn. Suddenly everything is dark and gloomy, the world is against us, and just getting out of bed in the morning can seem like an impossible task.

When we are going through these dark times in life the most important thing to do is to remember that there is hope for brighter days ahead if we only persevere. Focusing our eyes on God and our minds on his promises for our lives is not an instant problem solver ? but it will give the help and strength we need to get through difficult times.

Below are 7 things we should remind ourselves of daily when we are struggling to stay filled with hope in the middle of life?s storms:


#1: Prayer is an instant way to connect to God.

If your faith is wavering on the unsteadiness of life, turn to God in prayer immediately and ask for God to intervene in your situation. You might be surprised to find just how quickly he will fill your day with joy and peace once you ask him for it.

#2: This hardship will not end your life.

Even when it feels as if the weight of the world is crashing down on you, remember that this situation you are dealing with does not have the power to end your life.

#3: Worry is counter-productive.

Filling your mind with worried and nervous thoughts will only continue to brew more anxiety and hopelessness. Allowing yourself to become filled with worry will not get you anywhere. Instead you must focus your thoughts on faith and hope in order to combat the anxiety.

#4: Just keep moving forward.

Instead of allowing yourself to become stuck in the bog of this hard time, push yourself to keep moving forward. Somewhere through the journey you will find the blessing that has been hidden in this struggle. So until then, have the confidence and the trust in the Lord to know that he has a bigger plan for your life than you could ever ask for or imagine.

#5: Even Jesus suffered.

The Bible never promised that our lives would be free of suffering. Because we live in a broken and sinful world, there really is no way around it. Though suffering is inevitable for our lives, we must push through to the other side in order to find the joy that is waiting for us there.

#6: Surrender your expectations.

The plans and expectations that we have for our lives are nothing in comparison to what God has in store for our future. Let go of your expectations and allow God?s infinite love for you to take over your plans with his will for your life.

#7: God has not abandoned you.

Do not allow yourself to give into the lie that God has abandoned you in this season. He is very much alive, active, and present in your situation and wants nothing more but for you to go to him for the strength you need to persevere.

And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being covered with the waves; but Jesus Himself was asleep.
Matthew 8:24

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