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Identity: Know Who You Are In Christ


Identity is the key to unlocking your full potential. It is impossible to know what God has called you to do, in business or life in general, without first knowing who you are and who God has created you to be. You are not what you do, how you look, where you come from, where… Read more »

7 Ways To Recognize Your Calling From God Is Sure

1. Hear the voice of God. Jonah was given a direct message from the Lord to go to Nineveh and announce His judgment to the people (see Jonah 1:1). I heard God’s voice tell me to ‘feed my people’ first then later on He revealed the second part of the instruction, ‘feed my people with… Read more »

Sylvester Stallone Says Jesus Is The Inspiration For Anyone To Go The Distance

World famous actor Sylvester Stallone is known to be one tough guy. His lead roles in the Rambo movie franchise, Rocky, and more recently Creed movies have portrayed that image. The 72 year-old actor is “one of the most popular actors in cinematic history.” His first Rocky movie won the Academy Award for Best picture of 1976 which launched him as… Read more »

How To Navigate Transitions In Life

Over the years, I’ve watched as friends have transitioned between jobs and opportunities. I myself have experienced my fair share of transition and with it can come a sense of loss. It can be deeply unsettling when you move on from a job or opportunity that you have invested your heart and soul into. Transition… Read more »

No Excuses, It’s Time To Execute

No excuses! It’s time to execute. Many of us, have faced headwinds and obstacles, in our faith walk, as we pursued our God Given purpose. There may have been times when we’ve faced headwinds so strong that the attack tried to cripple your faith. The enemy’s purpose is to deter you from walking in and… Read more »

9 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

overcome procrastination

We all procrastinate from time to time. Procrastination occurs when we avoid tasks that we find unpleasant. Even if we perform other work-related tasks instead of the ones we dislike, we are guilty of procrastination. Unfortunately, procrastination will hinder our long-term success. With the proper skills, you can overcome procrastination. Procrastination is like putting a frog into a pot of… Read more »

Never give up. Failure is crucial to success

Here’s Why Failure Is Crucial to Success: Failure is a funny thing, but what’s funnier is discovering one’s skewed definition of failure. Failure is the opposite and the same thing as success. Failure is a part of life. Moment by moment failure encapsulates the life. Anyone at any given point can be a winner or… Read more »

5 Bible Verses to Discover God’s Will for Your Life

How do I know God’s will for my life? What a wonderful question. All of humanity innately questions existence, purpose and fulfillment. Perhaps the non-believer would ask, simply, “What’s my purpose?”, leaving God out of the equation. It’s a question most of us want the answer to with total certainty. In the United States, opportunities… Read more »

5 Practical Steps To Lead A Joyful Life

Most people expect joy to come from their circumstances – their work, friends, houses, kids, spouses… But that is where the problem starts. When they are unhappy and don’t feel joyful they are too often blaming others for their unhappiness. It may be the spouse, it may be that situation at work that is so… Read more »