Author: Jill Henry

Access The Power of Email Marketing

email marketing

It is pretty simple, if you’re starting a new business, or currently running one the only way to effectively and globally connect with your customers and reach your target audience is via email marketing. And there is a perfectly good reason why this is such a truism. According to a hard-hitting statistical analysis posted by… Read more »

Content Marketing: Why Is It So Powerful?

content marketing

Content marketing isn’t something new in the realm of digital marketing. It has existed since the dawn of the Internet and has never been more important than it is now. Content is the undisputed king of digital marketing methodologies and will always remain so. Content, as an online marketing strategy, is exponentially and rapidly working… Read more »

8 Ways To Grow In Your Prayer Life

Grow While You Pray Prayer is essential in every believers walk with God. If you think about it, communication is the basis for all human relationships. Imagine if you never talked to your best friend, would you be close friends? No, because you wouldn?t know anything about each other, nor would you have anything to… Read more »

7 Ways To Recognize Your Calling From God Is Sure

1. Hear the voice of God. Jonah was given a direct message from the Lord to go to Nineveh and announce His judgment to the people (see Jonah 1:1). I heard God?s voice tell me to ?feed my people? first then later on He revealed the second part of the instruction, ?feed my people with… Read more »

7 Divinely Inspired Steps For Making Wise Decisions

Dr Charles Stanley, the founder of?InTouch Ministries?and New York Times best-selling author, has a practical, divinely-inspired message for everyone who struggles to make decisions. (And who doesn?t?) This plan has worked over the past 50 years of Dr. Stanley?s own life, propelling him to a position of Christian leadership with worldwide influence. In a recent… Read more »

3 ways To Sharpen Your Leadership Influence


Someone once told me,??The sharper the ax, the bigger the blow!? Therefore, sharpening our leadership can increase the influence we have in the lives of other people. Each of us can grow in our leadership. Some would say that you have it or you don?t. I disagree. Each person has the capacity to be a… Read more »

How To Navigate Transitions In Life

Over the years, I?ve watched as friends have transitioned between jobs and opportunities. I myself have experienced my fair share of transition and with it can come a sense of loss. It can be deeply unsettling when you move on from a job or opportunity that you have invested your heart and soul into. Transition… Read more »

God Values Our Careers: Ministry & The Marketplace

I?ve been inspired and challenged by the positive role models I?ve studied in the Bible. Jesus is clearly our most inspiring and challenging exemplar, but many others also stand before us. I?ll nominate the Apostle Paul for inclusion in this group. He was a giant among the Early Church leaders, a brilliant theologian, church-planter and?… Read more »

No Excuses, It?s Time To Execute

No excuses! It?s time to execute. Many of us, have faced headwinds and obstacles, in our faith walk, as we pursued our God Given purpose. There may have been times when we?ve faced headwinds so strong that the attack tried to cripple your faith. The enemy?s purpose is to deter you from walking in and… Read more »

An Open Letter to Christian Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Are you passionate about something? Do you see an intersection of your passions and giftings? Do you look for opportunities to use your passion and gifts to love and serve others? If yes, this message is for you. Have you ever thought that God could be calling you to be an entrepreneur? Do you realize… Read more »