Content Marketing: Why Is It So Powerful?

Content marketing isn’t something new in the realm of digital marketing. It has existed since the dawn of the Internet and has never been more important than it is now. Content is the undisputed king of digital marketing methodologies and will always remain so. Content, as an online marketing strategy, is exponentially and rapidly working its way right to the forefront of conventional and popular digital marketing tactics. It is a tool that can bring in substantial rewards in both the long and short term, if managed effectively and quality content is produced.

However, it is also vital to understand that you can’t think of content marketing as one-strategy-fits-all this approach will never reap any benefits. Rather, your main priority should be to quickly produce quality, highly relevant, highly precise and authentic content that is designed for your target audience’s entertainment and education.

Your content should pique interest and captivate anything that will expedite your rise to the crown.

But the question remains why is content still king Well, here are some interesting and hard-hitting facts that will compel you to launch a robust content marketing strategy or streamline an existing one:

Top Reasons Why Content Marketing Will Always Remain Relevant

1. Boosts Engagement

It really doesn’t matter whether the content you are posting is in the form of a blog or something like a thoughtful tweet or social media post good content will never fail to enhance user interaction and engagement with your brand. This is something your target audience doesn’t really need to realize it just happens which is why quality, relevancy and authenticity are so important in content marketing.

If the content is captivating, it will attract interested consumers and they will pause for a moment or two to absorb what you have published and that is what starts a chain reaction. After they realize that you are indeed an authority or master on the subject, they will seek your profile, they will go to your website, they will browse your products or services and that is where you convert leads into sales.

2. Increase your Sales and Convert New Leads

Unique content has the power to enhance brand awareness and position your company as an authority that is especially true when you’re talking about a competitive market. This then transcends into lead generation, helping you bring in more sales as your brand is continually exposed to your target and potential target audience.

It is critical to understand that top-notch content does not have a salesy element to it. It should be entirely authentic, but at the same time help consumers engage with your brand. Engagement is essentially where you provide a little bit of an introduction of what you do and how your consumers will benefit from what you have to offer.

Suffocating your customers by posting overly salesy content, full of product descriptions and whatnot, will always succeed in boring them and turning them away.

3. Ideal for SEO Enhancement

Relevant, top-notch, authentic and non-plagiarized content posted on a company’s website can be instrumental in enhancing their search engine optimization efforts. And that in turn helps the particular company rank at the top of Google’s search engine results.

There are some reasons as to how well-written and unique content can help with your SEO efforts. Publishing high-quality articles or blog content on your website or social media profiles provides the opportunity to embed internal links in your site content, which is something search engines favor when determining what sites should rank higher in search results. Linking the information in your article to other relevant and exclusive content will also generate clicks, page views and shares. You can also place long-tail keywords for organic SEO growth as people search for products and services that are relevant to your content, making your content rise to the top in search engine results.

Next, frequently publishing new and fresh content helps develop your authority on a particular subject, which in turn generates recurring visitors to your site and encourages other sites to share your content, creating backlink opportunities.

4. Adds Value to Your Product or Service

Quality content enhances the value of a user’s experience and positions your brand as an authority on the subject matter. And that is often because the content helps provide them with a solution to a problem they have been facing in their lives or perhaps the content teaches them something useful or new. From a business point of view, you may not see a direct correlation to the impact of your content on your bottom line, but having robust and good quality content always helps to build trust with your target customer base and ultimately positions your business very favorably. With that in mind, content is really an invaluable tool for your digital marketing strategies.

This intangible value is ridiculously vital to the relationship and bond you seek to create with your target audience. You are basically showing them how they can benefit from your product, how they can use it, how they can integrate it into their daily lives and how they can trust your brand.

Worldwide Content Marketing is Poised for an Upwards Trend Until 2021

It isn’t really a mystery that content marketing methodologies have been on a skyrocketing trend for quite some time now and this is only going to continue to grow! In fact, according to a statistical analysis posted by PQ Media, it was discovered that worldwide, content marketing strategies grew by 14% in the year 2016 making the total sum jump to $28.1 billion.

The research in PQ Media’s Global Content Marketing Forecast 2017 identified that content marketing would again increase by 14% in 2017. This was determined using the pacing data of the initial six months of 2017. And it did!

And that is not all. It should come as no surprise that content marketing will continue to replace other forms of advertising and marketing, such as print and traditional content channels, as digital audiences continue to grow.

Content Marketing is the Most Effective Long-Haul Marketing Tactic for Your Brand

Most traditional marketing methodologies focus on short-term results. For instance, direct mail may help convert a handful of the people who actually take the time out to read your material. But you can never be sure whether the recipients read it or if the mail just gets thrown away. And in order to generate results again with direct mail you need to do another mailer, and another and another.

This isn’t the case with content marketing. Content lives on in the digital world. If you publish good quality content, it could be discovered and shared for years to come. Here are all the reasons why digital content can help sustain a more long-term tactic of converting new leads and customers, and on a more consistent basis:

Evergreen Content is Immortal

Quality, informative and highly relevant content, no matter what it is about, will always be evergreen. And that is a truism because there is no way good information decays, no matter what. New and trendy blog posts or articles or social media updates are all vital forms of digital content that have the power to attract a score of consumers eager to consume something new and interesting.

Moreover, some forms of content will be eternally relevant for example, people will always like to know everything about how they can travel efficiently or tips for saving or tips to buying a car from a reseller, etc. So, in light of this, it is perfectly safe to think of content marketing as a long-term investment.

The Content You Create is Forever Yours

Unless you delete a post, replace the URL or shut down the website, everything that you have posted on your website and social media accounts will remain yours and it will remain valuable. It doesn’t go away. Sure, guest posting does not provide you with a lot of control as the content is under the control of other publishers or editors. However, the content posted on your website is your real estate and depending on how good your search engine optimization strategy is, no matter how old the blog post, interested consumers will always be able to view it.

Content Will Never Be Irrelevant

Sure, content strategies are rapidly evolving, however, the content as a marketing strategy will never cease to exist. There have been plenty of changes in how you market your content for example, long-tail keywords may now be more effective compared to short-tail keywords. Similarly video marketing is also taking over but the fact remains, content will never go out of fashion it will only continue to be more useful and powerful, even as the types of content and publishing platforms change.

Bottom Line

So there you go you now know why and how content marketing is the key to your business success both online and offline. New to content marketing? Get started today! An easy way to get started is to launch a blog of your own. If you don’t know where to start, we can help! Just shoot us a note.

Content Marketing is all the Marketing that's left.
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